LVMH group, said the first quarter of 2014 the company Cheap louis vuitton revenue of 7.21 billion euros ($9.95 billion), more than 6.91 billion euros in the same period last year growth of 4%. LVMH group and 2013 in the first quarter revenue grew by 6%, compared with the same period in 2012 the growth rate is 25%.
Asian luxury market growth to slow markedly, led by cheap louis vuitton purses China, is a major cause of LVMH say goodbye to high growth. LVMH said, retailers in this quarter inventory liquidation, did not order new products. "The Chinese authorities to carry out anti-corruption actions lead to brandy, watches and other luxury goods as gifts falling demand, remy Martin jun degree and Pernod ricard brands such as wine sales have been so down."
Asia is the world's largest market, LVMH group sales in Asia account for the proportion of the total sales of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) once more than 35% last year. Other luxury goods companies are performing poorly. Cheap louis vuitton With brands such as Gucci French luxury goods companies open cloud group released third quarter results show that as of September 30, 2013, open cloud group revenue fell 1.5% to 2.523 billion euros, a slowdown in the luxury sector. Open cloud group said that because of China's sales environment increasingly negative, Gucci's sales in China fell.
It is reported that this year the global luxury market growth cheap louis vuitton purses is slowing, but still not stopped many luxury giant habitual rise in price. Since yesterday, French jewelry brand kadeya prices by 6% to 10%; Chanel had leading boom last week, or as high as 15%; At the same time, the Italian brand ferragamo inform partial commodity is the average price of 400 yuan. Along with the below small make up together and see it! China brand net
Rising year after year, year after year people buying it
The United States department of labor data show that in the past Cheap louis vuitton decade, prices have risen by as much as 60% of luxury goods. Enterprise official reasons include, in the off-season discounts when guaranteed profits, raw materials such as comprehensive costs, and other reasons. In the ministry of commerce, deputy director of the consumer economy research institute Zhao Ping, luxury prices on a regular basis, and the relationship between the rising costs is not large, is more of a marketing tool, maintains its own luxury brand image, and catering to the psychological needs of the audience.
Zhao Ping: because luxury, unlike ordinary goods, ordinary people to buy goods, pay more attention to the commodity price, but for luxury goods, with high pricing, higher added value to reflect, buy luxury goods groups have different consumption ability, different Cheap louis vuitton consumer tastes, so as to improve people's psychological satisfaction.
Do not affect sales increase in the price of luxury goods
In luxury brands such as chanel rise in price after the news, domestic fashion special discount during electricity network launched chanel, how product is sold out. So, does this mean that the increase in the price of luxury goods, will affect the sales? Buy a clock hand to Beijing guo. Discount store, he says, the trends do not reflect the mainstream crowd, really will buy luxury goods, is not sensitive to price.
Guo: it's my friends and myself, or Jane table cheap louis vuitton purses jewelry ring reaction, such as rolex when price increases, while it up some money, such as rose 6%, up several hundred yuan, one thousand yuan, for example the same money selling 21000 last year, could sell for $23000 this year, how can aware of it?
Because of luxury goods price increases year after year, someone said "buy gold silver, it is better to buy luxury". For this statement, clocks and watches to buy hand according to Mr Guo, watches and jewelry "hard luxury value space is larger, dress box is Cheap louis vuitton another matter.
Guo: Fashion or Beauty, although has certain status in circles, but it can and can't calculate on value.
As Beijing international luxury club Cheap louis vuitton general manager yu said further, even the "hard luxury", such as watches and jewellery is confined to the rare jewelry, jade or a memorable design, such as some brand launch very precious and cheap louis vuitton purses special limited edition commemorative, but the general counters this category of products is very difficult to buy.